Hawesview Equestrian Centre


One-Day Hands-On Horse Clinic

Sunday February 23rd, 2014 - 10am-2pm


come and join in on the learning fun!

Two main topics will be covered:

Stable Management (AM session)

Various feeds for different riding/weather/horse demands, feed additives, food myths, digestive track information, avoiding/dealing with colic and founder, feed scheduling, feeding away from home, bedding choices for health/financial reasons, basic equipment needed for home/shows, and lots more!  Actual grain/hay/additives/food samples will be available for viewing.

Bits, Bridles & Boots (PM session)

Numerous products are available to the consumer and this makes decisions even harder to make.  People ask themselves - "what does my horse really need?".  The skies the limit for the number of variations of the same item, what's the difference and why is one better than the other?  You are not alone.  Examples will be available to be seen, and not just the basics!  This will be an open forum discussion of products that work for riders, why they chose them, trouble shooting, successes and failures and what will the future bring.  Competition rules are always changing and so is horse equipment... come and learn what's available on the market and keep abreast of what to expect on the show front too!  Some equipment will also be available for purchase the day of the clinic.

Cost: $20 per person if pre-registered by Feb 16th$25 per person the day of the clinic if not pre-registered.

Hot drinks and bottled water will be available at the barn, please bring your own lunch.

To register, please email Jenn at dunmoore@rogers.com

or contact her on her cell

at (519) 767-8974

We look forward to seeing everyone at the clinic!