Hawesview Equestrian Centre

Horse Boarding at Hawesview Equestrian Centre
















Facility Overview:

-100 acres of beautiful farmland with hacking trails surrounding the whole property.

-26 acres of seeded, groomed pastures.  Four pastures that are 5 acres each, three pastures that are 1 acre each and six paddocks that are a 1/2 acre each.

 -Large run in shelters in the large pastures.  Shelters are bedded with straw and cleaned out routinely.

 -Free choice hay in all of the pastures. 

 -Lots of fresh water that is heated in the wintertime.

 -Very large, outdoor sand ring with low dust. The sand ring is fenced in and has trees surrounding the perimeter.

 -Full selection of hunter/jumper, jump standards, poles, gates and boxes.  We also have many barrels, poles and pylons for western riding.

 -Long gravel driveway lined with lots of trees.  Large parking lot with ample room for cars, trucks and horse trailers.

 -24 rubber matted stalls of various sizes to fit every horse.

 -Wash bay with both cold and hot water.

 -Individual feed program.  Hi fat hi fibre and beat pulp is included with the indoor board package.

-Other specialty feeds and supplements must be supplied by owner.

 -Insulated and heated medicine room that is available for boarders to store freezable supplements or first aid products in.

 -The barn has bright, wide, clean aisles with lots of cross tie areas and receptacles for clipping your horse.

 -Large, attached, indoor arena with dust free sand.

-Heated viewing lounge and kitchenette.

 -Tack cleaning nook.

 -Heated 'Trails End' lounge and camp room.

 -Huge tack lockers for boarders with two saddle racks, four bridle hooks, two shelves and a storage area on top of the locker.

 -Clean hay loft with lots of high quality, first cut hay and a winter blanket storage area.

 -Barn is open at all hours for boarders convenience.  Shift workers, etc are welcome!


Indoor board includes:
-Daily turn out (weather permitting) and turn in.
-Blanketing, booting and fly-masking.
-Daily stall cleaning.
-Two water buckets cleaned weekly and filled daily.
-Grain fed morning and night.
-Hay fed with night time grain and again late at night.
-Free choice, first cut hay in the paddocks.
-Injury/illness check twice daily.
-Use of all facilities.
Outdoor board includes:
-Free choice, first cut hay.
-Heated water troughs.
-Shelter bedded with straw in the pasture.
-Injury/illness check twice daily.
-Use of all facilities.